Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Jackie M. Handcrafted Dry Curry Paste Kits?

My Jackie M. Handcrafted Dry Curry Paste Kits are based on recipes from my restaurant (which I closed in 2013 to take care of Noah, my special needs child).

They are designed to -

a) simplify cooking restaurant-quality Malaysian dishes at home

b) keep in your pantry without requiring refrigeration

c) contain all the ingredients you need to produce a flavoursome Malaysian dish, apart from oil, coconut cream/coconut milk, and your choice of protein

2. How do I use the curry paste kits?

Step 1: Add enough water to turn into a paste 

Step 2: Saute with oil until it “separates” (usually a couple of  minutes; the Sambal Belacan takes more time to really bring out the flavours)

Step 3: Add your choice of protein plus water/coconut cream and simmer until cooked through

3. Are the curry paste kits suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

It depends on the kit; I’ve displayed the ingredients in each listing. There’s also an option to select “Vegan” for each item, though this requires tweaking of the recipe at my end, which will alter, and may compromise, the original flavours of the dish.

4. Do the curry paste kits contain any allergens?

Never assume that anything I produce is allergen-free; even with kits that do not contain specific allergens, keep in mind they are produced at the same premises as ones that do, so there’s always a risk of cross-contamination.

Having said that, there is an option to select “No Gluten” variations to my packs, though the above caveat re: compromising the original flavours applies.

5. What is the shelf life of the curry paste kits?

My wet curry paste kits (Sydney availability only) have a shelf life of 6 weeks refrigerated, and the dry curry paste kits (worldwide availability) will last for many months in your pantry, just like your other spices.

6. Are the curry paste kits gluten-free?

Refer to Question 4 above.

7. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, absolutely. The freight is auto-calculated based on the weight and volume of your order, but if you use WORLDSHIP on checkout for international orders, it’ll take AUD$20 off your order to help alleviate the pain of shipping from Australia (min. AUD$120 order value)

8. Can I return or exchange the curry paste kits?

If there’s a problem with your kit, please get in touch with me directly to discuss. If you’ve simply changed your mind or want to exchange with a different product, you’ll need to cover the shipping costs incurred.

9. Are the curry paste kits suitable for beginners?

I’ve made the kits as easy to use as possible, but as I’ve often stipulated, you will get the most out of them if you’re adaptable and not fixated on exact timings/temperatures etc. - because, truthfully, Malaysian cooking doesn’t work like that.

10. Where can I find recipes to use with the curry paste kits?

I strongly suggest you sign up to my email list - JackieM.com.au/CurryPastes - to keep up-to-date with my latest recipes, cooking broadcasts and other news.

11. Do you offer wholesale or bulk purchasing options?

You bet; just get in touch with me at jackie@jackiem.com.au and let’s talk.

12. How soon can I expect my order?

My Handcrafted Dry Curry Paste Kits are made by me personally in tiny batches or to order; I aim to produce and dispatch at least twice a week at this stage. You will receive a shipping notification from the courier company once it’s on its way, so you can track your order.

13. Do you stock your products in stores?

At this stage, you can only order them online or buy them at my monthly Concord Hospital Market (typically on the last Thursday of each month, but check with me). 

If you choose to pick up your order, these are your current options:

  • 28 French Street, Kogarah (orders usually ready within 48 hours)
  • 77 Mart in Castle Hill (orders usually ready by end of business day on Friday)
  • Concord Hospital Market at The Green on Hospital Road, Concord (orders ready by next market day, ie. last Thursday of each month, between 9am-2pm)